Three of the TwelveTextured 4x4" panels are taking shape.  The thick gesso is a sublime
ground on which to make colored forms.  My forms tend to be organic
rather than pictorial.  The Dremel tool used for carving other large and small
wood works is becoming part of the process with good results.  

This self-portrait charcoal drawing was done when I was a very much younger artist.  I signed it in 1994, from the copyright mark on it  But this young person, even in Art School days, is the same  person who now contemplates, sketches, plans, changes her mind, wonders, experiments nearly every day.  Unfinished business around!  You bet!  Some very good ideas begun, and I am thinking of one right now that waits in a box under the bed in which it was conceived a year or so ago.  In The Offing is a good description of much of what fills my studio corners.  Sometimes one comes out and screams at me that it can and will be finished.  It has gestated, and now is about to have a birthday!