At the Bellevue Daniel Smith Art Supplies Store (a trusty standby for me from the 1970's!) there is a Tuesday evening drawing class each week.  Back to the Drawing Board is what they could call it.  I am back with paints-- drawing with paints!  Turner Oil Colours, based in the UK, makes a color called bistre.    This warm sooty brown is the stuff that was a favorite of artists back through the centuries, usually used in a dry form.  Painting with the earthy color with the addition of titanium white and mars black is a study in finding values, and defining a drawing--very worthwhile in a life drawing session.  One must see and draw, see and draw.  And getting better at it is good for anyone!  Here are some heads from such sessions.  

I am working on portraits right now and so I am concentrating on the heads of these models each week, re-learning what I had previously practiced at Art School (Tyler). The eye-hand trick is the thing.  While the results are unfinished (as are so many of my other beginnings in the studio) they represent the WORK of painting.  And some of them are nice to look at.    I hope you enjoy seeing them.


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