What if (for instance) cookies fell and hit your nose?  OR your bathtub was full of frogs?  OR an alligator ate your socks?   IT'S A KIDS' BOOK BUT THE KID WHO LIKED IT BEST (MY SON) HAS BECOME A CEO EXPERT!  

I like to think 'he's his mother's son', as they say. If it were not for "WHAT IFs" there would be no fresh art!!

My little three year old (think 1969) always wanted this book to be the bedtime reading matter!

The protagonist was a boy like him who had one surprise after another! Each surprise was a disruptive problem to solve, and the little guy had to figure out what to do about it!    

The boy in the book made zoos and circuses out of his surprises, and parades, and celebrations!

So did the three year old boy, who is now owner and partner in a very successful national business that would have stymied any number of entrepreneurs, but which was just the kind of challenge my son loved best.  

I include this page in my Art Studio Page simply because it is about the creative spirit-- where it comes from and how it thinks.  

Today (March 13 2016) I am "fooling around with" a pair of paintings that evolved entirely from the What If question.  I have rolls of hardwood veneer (left over from my son's creative enterprises.)  And I have sticky oil based ground and a couple of small canvases.  And a box of paints and mediums.  What if...became a highly textured base on which I embedded into the ground chips cut and carefully sanded into shapes.  The relief wood chips brought the surface into three dimensions.   Satisfied with that, I named these shapes The City and The Suburbs.  That was back in about 2013. 

what if? what if? Sketching with Paint.net here.

Sketching on the computer!  Yes...someone invented this kind of magic by asking "what if."  I have a simple paint program that allows me to play with colors and shapes and other possibilites on my computer. Above is a what if sort of sketch.  I'm thinking warm light from the left. Cast shadows off the right of the "houses."   And an array of different roof structures for a suggestion of individuality inside each house.  Now I will go back to the physical canvas itself and begin to work it out.

    I am breaking through to new plateaus today.  What was good is getting much better!