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What you see above is a sampling of my several fields of creative art-making.  Wood carving and relief work, writing, digital off-spring of my original art, oil painting, figurative and abstract.   Below are links to various sections of my online gallery.  Enjoy your tour.

Below, a collage of four large wood panels especially painted for McMenamin's  Hotel Complex in Bothell, Washingtonhttp://mcmenaminsarchive.photoshelter.com/image/I0000b0YUXAhYI.Ein 2015-2015. They are permanently installed in the hotel part of the complex since the  October 15 2015 opening.

  PEGGY THE BOWL,seen above in various stages, may never really get finished.  She has been a companion during about two years of my life...not the easiest years.  She has been a meditation, mood modulating, joy and puzzle friend.  I have imagined games, both chess-like and story making games for Peggy's pegs to play inserted into the holes drilled around the places where knots used to be in the wood.  We are "broken" but not finished, Peggy and I.

                                             Square Root Puzzle                                               as exhibited in Seattle Design Center in late 2014

This is the BACK of the puzzle.   Of course the square root symbol is reversed.  For this reason I have displayed it with a mirror behind the plexi tabletop so the pastel colored version appears right side up.

Square Root Puzzle 
as exhibited in Seattle Design Center in late 2014  EAFA exhibit

This is the FRONT of the puzzle.  Very difficult to put together because of the similarity of the pieces' color and some shapes.  (making a tracing before dismantling it is a very good idea I have found.)

Above, the Square Root Puzzle as seen presented, with a mirrored table below so as to show the square root on the colored side as being right side up!

The series above can be displayed as a rectangular unit, as shown,  or divided into separate works and
displayed in a different format.  The Series is called SQUARE ROUTE, a pun, of course. 

The Square Route (pun alert)

A set of four small related paintings  have dotted edges, for extra interest when displayed on the wall,  whether together or separated.  They are painted on four cradled canvases. 4x4"

Puzzle 400 USD
Square Route Quad 275 USD

*  To inquire about purchasing art, contact Susan at this email and be sure to put the words

ART PURCHASE INQUIRY in the subject line so I know you are not spam!!